IO Entertainment is a company with visual story development at its core


When you do previs, what you’re really doing is getting a chance to make a mini version of a movie without any interference from anybody – you’re completely given free rein – it’s just you and the previs guys.

Gareth Edwards (Director: Monsters, Godzilla)

Predominantly servicing the feature film industry, IO Entertainment brings together the UK industry’s specialists in visual story development and previsualisation, bridging the gap between traditional visual development and the latest cutting-edge CG visualisation techniques.

Founded in April 2014, the company operates from Pinewood Studios, collaborating with film makers and other visual storytellers on a range of projects – including pitch development, storyboarding, concept art, director’s previs, postvis and games cinematics.

The team have previously been involved in many of the most successful and eye catching films to come out of Hollywood and the UK. They have now combined their 35+ years’ experience in feature animation, cinematography, visual effects, 3D stereography, editing, storyboarding and concept design to bring a new level of focussed visual story telling expertise to the UK & international market.